• Project: Quran Bot
  • Categories: Educational
  • Status: Running

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Quran Bot

Search & Read Every Verse of Quran!

Quran Bot is awesome in it's own way! It has every verse of Quran including 3 Arabic, Various Bangla Meaning, Bangla Tafseer or Explanation, Transliteration, English Meaning and many more!

And finding verse was never easier than Quranbot, All you need to do is send a message just typing like, 'Sura Fatiha Ayat 4' or 'Sura Ikhlas Ayat 2'. To get Sura from the beginning, just type 'Sura Bakara' and send. You will get everything right after you have sent message!

We are glad to bring Quran bot to Facebook by grace of almighty Allah. Now, everyone can read more about any verse of Quran without even leaving Facebook.

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