eCommerce Chatbot

This is just the right technology to grow your business.

Get One Now!

Easy Management

Manage your products, stocks, categories, shipping methods, policies etc everything with our easy to use Dashboard.

Automated Product Sales

From product browsing, cart, order, invoice, to tracking, Everything will be automated by Bot. Scalable for millions of users.

Bye Bye Moderators

Your bot will take customer's mobile number, address, talk with them. Goodbye Human page moderators. Reduce your cost.

Consumer technology

Extremely easy to use user experience powered by Artificial Intelligence & Dual language NLP.

Big data Service

Drive your business with data driven advanced analytics. Know your customers, customer activities, customer impressions.

Pricing Plan

Get Started with Registration fee of only BDT 10,000, deploy readymade bot.

And run your bot as long as you want with monthly subscription fee as below.


1. What is this User range?

This is the number of users who sent messages in your inbox within Last One Year of your billing date. Don't confuse it with number of page followers.

2.I already have e-commerce website.

We have integrations for you! You can import all of your e-commerce products to your bot with just one click and keep taking orders from your bot instantly.

3.Will Bot replace admin?

Bot will not replace the admin. It will reduce workload of admin and enhance user experience. Admin can view, send, manage every user personally anytime.

4.Turn off bot

You can remove the bot anytime. It will not harm any of your users. We will also remove bot related buttons and page will be same as before.

5.Do I have to build the bot myself?

No. We have the template ready for your bot. You just have to entry your products only. We will configure everything and launch your bot on your page.

6.How do I control my Chatbot and view analytics?

We will provide you access to our Dashboard thru which, you can control your bot & view everything it's doing, analyze your product sales & expressions, Manage your orders.!